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The History of Abortion Laws in Australia

The history of abortion laws in Australia is complicated and, quite often, very confusing. The main cause for confusion is the fact that in each Australian state there is a different law for abortion. Abortion laws in Australia were originally based on 19th century British criminal prohibitions. It was prohibited unless an abortion was performed to save a woman’s life.
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Abortion Laws – A State by State Guide

ABORTION LAW IN AUSTRALIA For a long time the issue of abortion has caused much controversy both in Australia and the world over. The fact that it is considered legal in some Australian states and approached differently in others further creates confusion over the matter. It can very easily become an impassioned topic of conversation and one that has recently
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Pregnancy Test Recall

When you take a pregnancy test, regardless of the scenario, you expect the results to be conclusive. While positive results are generally followed up with a visit to the GP, if the result is negative, it is rarely questioned. It has therefore come as a shock to many that, after a review undertaken by The Therapeutic Goods Administration, a large
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Pap Smear Screening Program Revamp Delayed

When it was announced that the national Pap smear screening program was going to receive a complete overhaul, in an attempt to improve early cancer detection and save more lives, the reaction from the medical community and the public was naturally one of enthusiasm. The renewed cervical cancer screening program has gained much support due to the fact that it
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Trump’s Global Ban on Abortion

Recently, America’s President, Donald Trump, reinstated a policy that was initiated in the Reagan era, putting a freeze on foreign aid to health care providers offering abortion as a family planning option. Unfortunately, for the millions of people that this decision affects around the world, there seems to have been a complete lack of consideration as to the adversities that
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Pope Francis extends power to forgive abortion

On Monday 21 November, 2016 Pope Francis indefinitely extended the power of priests to forgive women who have abortions, permanently extending the gesture he made during the Jubilee Year of Mercy. The pope’s move allows priests to forgive women who have had abortions, and any other people involved in the process. Pope Frances who has made a more inclusive and
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Black Monday Poland – Protesting Restrictive Abortion Law

Up to 6 million women all over Poland went on strike, dressed in black and took to the streets on Monday 3 October to protest against the government’s plans for a total ban on abortions. They proclaimed the day “Black Monday” whilst counter-demonstrators and anti-abortion protestors, dressed in white, also marched to distinguish themselves as opposition. Poland’s abortion laws are
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New Emergency Contraception

A new form of emergency contraception is now available in Australia. Ulipristal in tablet form may be taken up to five days after unprotected sex. Known as EllaOne, it is a single tablet containing 30mg ulipristal acetate, a selective progesterone receptor modulator. According to its distributors, studies have shown that ulipristal decreases the risk of pregnancy by almost three times
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What makes a good doctor – patient relationship?

From ancient times it has been recognised that the health and well-being of a patient depends on a collaborative effort between doctor and patient. Indeed patients share with their doctor the responsibility for their own health care. The doctor-patient relationship is of the greatest benefit when the patient has the opportunity to fully discuss their condition, provide information and work
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Taking the Pill? There is an app for that.

The oral contraceptive pill is most effective when taken at the same time every day. With increasingly busy lives it can be difficult to remember to take your pill at your regular time. If you forget to take your pill you should take it as soon as possible, even if it means taking two pills in the one day. You should
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